7 responses to “Better Business Blogging Circle”

  1. artyowza

    Brandi’s post on Originality was the inspiration for my link of the week.

    And here’s some bubbly giggles for Stephey…

  2. Stephey Baker

    Thanks Rebecca! Cute video! AH…IMAGINATION can come from anywhere and include anything, like sock puppets and bananas. Out if all the fruit I wonder why bananas get the most play and fun?

    1. artyowza

      bananas have a lot going for them

      and a fun word to say
      and associated with monkeys!

  3. Patsy Kay Kolesar

    Hi All,


    Just a little post this week about the Sketchbook Project – Hope you are all participating!


  4. Kate England

    Hello everyone,
    Here’s my post this week. Another day in the studio:

  5. Stephey Baker

    Hi Everyone,
    Looking forward to visiting everyone’s blog this week! This post is inspired by a page from my notebook about expanding into dreams

  6. agirlandherbrush

    Hey everyone,

    I have mia the last few weeks. I just wrote a post on how a car accident changed my thinking. I seriously think it changed me from being left brained to more right brained.


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