Redefining my Dream Job

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I’ve been playing with changing my biz about statement. What do you think?

Let’s test drive the zippy new one:

Art Yowza is a magical place that empowers the imagination. Using your heart
and hands, you will gain new creative skills. The humorous, kind and challenging
environment encourages unique self-expression and artistic accomplishments.
Every learner blossoms in the beautiful garden of fun and friendship. We value
high quality thinking, art and innovation.

This is the old classic……

Art Yowza offers an exciting visual arts program that supports the development of new creative skills.  We empower kids and adults to think and use their imaginations.  The nurturing environment encourages unique self-expression and self-esteem.  The small class size, individualized attention, stimulating environment and beautiful setting make it possible for every learner to blossom.  We value high quality art, friendship and fun.


Have you ever felt it was time to update your image and struggled to redefine yourself?


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