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I am taking a great online class called Between the Lines: Telling the Story of You and Your Business.  Because our class is almost over, I had an idea to create a blog circle so that my classmates can keep supporting, encouraging and inspiring each other to tell the stories of ourselves and our businesses.
Hopefully, it’ll help us build confidence, blog traffic, an audience and some social proof for our blogs, twitter followers and Facebook fans.  If you own a business and would like to become a better blogger through storytelling and social media connections, you can join our group.  So far, we are six members strong.

I imagine it working like this…

Each artist-entrepreneur

1. needs a blog

2. needs a twitter or facebook account or both

3. can commit to writing a least one blog post per week

To add to the circle, each week you’ll need to:

4. visit this website every Sunday  in June and post the link to the post you want comments on

(I may start using the mr. linky plug-in in the future also)

( if you go on vacation let us know and you can catch up later)

5. leave a comment on each blog in our circle

6. use twitter and facebook to mention and support each member of our blog circle  at least once a week . 

( and hey, if you point to a blog post where you’ve commented— it might be more traffic for you)

( could be as easy as follow friday #ff)


If you can deliver the goods, let’s get this party started…  Please leave this information as a comment to this post

1. First and Last Name

2. Blog Url

3. Twitter Name: @?

4. Facebook Page

5. Write a sentence about why being in a circle interests you and what sort of support you would like to receive.

6. E-mail address (to spam proof it — write it like this example fun (AT) artyowza (DOT) com)


I look forward to learning more about each of you and deepening our connections.



Blue & Orange: Spiderman, Scubagirl, Saint

This year, I’ve had a passion for developing  the Alameda Art Docents.
We put on monthly workshops to help build the joy and confidence of volunteer art teachers.
Our April workshop was about how to draw the human figure for 3rd graders.

It was team taught. One person dressed up and posed and the other taught.


Yippee!   I’m currently interviewing interns and I hope we can collaborate on some projects that illustrate making arts learning visible.

Can you see line, shape, contrast or complementary colors in these images?


Today, would you rather be a fly on the wall or a scuba diver seeking giant squid?


Bunnykissd & The Kind Over Matter Swap

A fun surprise! This came in the mail today.  I participated in the Kind Over Matter Artist Trading Card Swap.

Signed on the back was the word LIVE and the names bunny kissd and Diana K. Bukowski.  Of course, I was curious to

follow the bunny trail.


Rainy Day Activity


Sunday: Rainbow Trout

iphone photos with toy camera app
I saw two rainbow trout!

Redwood Park, Oakland, CA


December Views: Driving to See Wild Salmon

iphone photos with toy camera app
Samuel P. Taylor Park