Summer Camp: Young Designers Trunk Show

Last year, my campers suggested I create a new camp theme called Shopping Mall which became this year’s camp called Young Designers.

This summer, we went from playing by a tree trunk to participating in a trunk show at Daisy’s Mercantile on Park Street in Alameda on Saturday, August 28.  Thanks Barbara Mooney for letting us learn from you!

We raised $52 to benefit the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter.

Through our design, we were able to learn about entrepreneurship, community service and retailing.


Redefining my Dream Job

dream big, dream job, redefine yourself, growth, change, 7  year itch, branding


I’ve been playing with changing my biz about statement. What do you think?

Let’s test drive the zippy new one:

Art Yowza is a magical place that empowers the imagination. Using your heart
and hands, you will gain new creative skills. The humorous, kind and challenging
environment encourages unique self-expression and artistic accomplishments.
Every learner blossoms in the beautiful garden of fun and friendship. We value
high quality thinking, art and innovation.

This is the old classic……

Art Yowza offers an exciting visual arts program that supports the development of new creative skills.  We empower kids and adults to think and use their imaginations.  The nurturing environment encourages unique self-expression and self-esteem.  The small class size, individualized attention, stimulating environment and beautiful setting make it possible for every learner to blossom.  We value high quality art, friendship and fun.


Have you ever felt it was time to update your image and struggled to redefine yourself?



Marketing Genius: How to tell a great story on the internet

funny story, colorful story, curious story, bold creative fun,.


Tara asks, “Who’s storytelling do you really admire? Who influences your business is round-about ways?”

These are my favorite online storytellers at the moment…. ( Rated PG-13)


She wants you along for the ride.

(makes me want to perform, blow bubbles, do cartwheels)
I want to get more people participating in my creative challenges.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal, WhoIsAmy?

It’s a  hip twist on an old familiar story.

(makes me to study up on on quidditch.)
Little House books were to me what Harry Potter is to my campers.  I need to know the stories better.

Half Pint Ingalls


She eats her way through New York City.

(makes me what to hit the streets for shredded pork)
I want to document my life in pictures plus eat New York City for breakfast.
Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal


He is wise.

(makes me want to be brilliant and remarkable)
I want to be considered, tweeted and quoted.
Seth godin, Seth’s Blog


She shows her fantasies in Technicolor.

(makes me want to jump on beds and look through innocent eyes)
I want to be that colorful clown. That fool that brings you back to the edge of fun.

Katie Sokoler, Color Me Katie


They are friends that love to laugh.

(makes me want to dance, make funny faces and take personality quizzes)

I want to make more videos and do interviews !

Smart Girls at the Party


Who are your favorite online visual storytellers?

Can you make up a very short story about the photo above?



Social Media Tip: Tweetcloud.com

I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a month of my tweets.

Tweet Cloud is a service that lets you generate a cool looking cloud of the words your tweets mostly contain.

Let’s play!  I look forward to connecting to you…..

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Creative Careers: Creative Biz Wow

I started a new tumblr blog a few weeks ago to keep track of my fun research about new creative businesses.

Online-Classes! E-books!  It’s such a surprise to me that so many adults are looking for a creative expression outlet.

Tumblr is cool!

My fun current projects